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Wood Harris is an American actor best known for his roles as drug lord Avon Barksdale on HBO’s The Wire, cocaine dealer Ace in Paid in Full, and high school football player Julius Campbell in the 2000 film Remember the Titans.

Wood Harris Profile

Wood Harris is an American actor best known for his roles as drug lord Avon Barksdale on HBO’s The Wire, cocaine dealer Ace in Paid in Full, and high school football player Julius Campbell in the 2000 film Remember the Titans.

Wood Harris Age

Harris is 52 years old as of 2021. He was born Sherwin David “Wood” Harris on 17 October 1969 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. He celebrates his birthday on 17 October.

Wood Harris Height

Harris stands at a height of 6 feet 2 inches(1.88 m).

Wood Harris Family

Harris was the son of a seamstress named Mattie and a bus driver named John Harris. He is the actor Steve Harris’s younger brother.

Wood Harris Wife

Harris is married to Rebekah Harris. The couple married in 2001.

Wood Harris Net Worth

Harris has an estimated net worth of $3 Million.

Quick Facts About Wood Harrisrty

Full Name Sherwin David “Wood” Harris
Age 52 years old
Nationality American
Spouse Rebekah Harris
Net Worth $3 Million

Wood Harris Paid in Full

In 2002, he starred in the cult classic Paid in Full, directed by Dame Dash and based on the true story of three Harlem drug dealers, with Harris playing real-life kingpin Azie Faison. Ace is a young man who lives in the Harlem ghetto with his mother and sister and works at a dry cleaning shop.

Calvin, his sister’s boyfriend, is a successful cocaine dealer, and Ace’s close friend Mitch is a flashy, well-known drug dealer. When Ace refuses to let Calvin run his old block, Calvin attempts to rob Ace while holding June and Dora hostage at his Aunt June’s apartment. Ace is shot in the head by another associate, who leaves him for dead. While Ace is in the hospital, Mitch’s younger brother Sonny is kidnapped for ransom.

Wood Harris Photo
Wood Harris Photo

Mitch enlists Rico’s assistance in selling the cocaine to pay the ransom, but Rico instead murders Mitch and steals the cocaine. Rico is arrested and was last seen in custody in Washington, D.C., giving up information on his drug connections in order to avoid a 25-to-life sentence.

Wood Harris Remember the Titans

Harris appeared as Julius Campbell. In 1971, Herman Boone joined the coaching staff at T. C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia. He was supposed to be the coach of the black high school football team. Bill Yoast, a white head coach who previously led a white high school, refused to take the position.

During the early stages, the black and white team members frequently clash in racially motivated conflicts. However, the team achieves racial harmony thanks to coach Boone’s forceful coaching and training. Yoast Yoast is informed by the school board chairman that he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame after the Titans lose one game. Gerry dies ten years later in another car accident caused by a drunk driver, ten years after winning the gold medal in shot put at the Paralympic Games.

Wood Harris Above the Rim

Harris made his film debut in the basketball drama Above the Rim, opposite Duane Martin and co-starring Tupac Shakur, and has appeared in numerous theatrical stage productions of various off-Broadway plays. Motaw is Birdie’s adolescent lieutenant and the team’s star player. He is a homicidal psychopath who will murder anyone without hesitation or remorse.

Duane Martin, Tupac Shakur, Leon Robinson, Marlon Wayans, and Wood Harris star in the film. The film, which is considered the conclusion to Cooper’s “Harlem Trilogy,” tells the story of a promising New York City high school basketball star and his relationships with a drug dealer and a former basketball star who is now employed as a security guard at the high school where he was a promising young star years ago. The majority of the film was shot in Harlem, with some scenes shot at the Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics in East Harlem. Some of the basketball scenes were shot at Brooklyn’s Samuel J. Tilden High School.

Wood Harris The Wire

Harris starred as Avon Barksdale, loosely based on the real-life Nathan Barksdale, in the first three seasons of HBO’s original series The Wire, as well as one episode in the fifth season. When The Pit’s stash was robbed by legendary Baltimore stick-up man Omar Little, Avon became enraged and placed a large bounty on Omar and his crew. After providing information that led to the arrest of Barksdale enforcer Bird, Wee-Bey Brice killed John Bailey, a member of Omar’s crew, and wounded Stinkum.

Avon also directed Bird to assassinate another witness, William Gant. Avon ordered the assassination of several people, including the untrustworthy enforcer Little Man, Nakeesha Lyles, and Wallace, a young dealer from The Pit. Avon was arrested after incriminating himself on a hidden camera in his office. He is imprisoned alongside his Barksdale associates D’Angelo, Wee-Bey, Little Man, and Savino.

Along with Avon, D’Angelo and Wee-Bey were imprisoned. D’Angelo grows estranged from Avon, refusing to participate in the scheme and appearing depressed, even resorting to drug use. Stringer decides to go against Avon’s wishes and allows Proposition Joe to enter despite his orders. The high-rise towers are demolished while Avon is still in prison, forcing the Barksdale organization to return to the streets for territory. Avon and Stringer’s leadership styles continue to clash. If Avon’s feud with Marlo Stanfield continues, Proposition Joe threatens to withhold the quality product.

Wood Harris Ant-Man

Harris portrayed Gale, s a police officer in the San Francisco Police Department working alongside his partner Jim Paxton in Ant-Man and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. While imprisoned, Scott Lang was visited by Hank Pym, who pretended to be his lawyer and secretly assisted him in escaping.

Gale and Paxton spent the next few days searching for Lang. They were taken aback when they noticed Dave stealing their police car. The pair fled Pym and pursued the driver of their car, which had crashed into a tree. Gale and Paxton responded to reports of a helicopter crash and a fight between two superpowered people in the home of a family. When they arrived, Scott Lang was dressed strangely, having just defeated Yellowjacket and saved the family. As they handcuffed Dave and Kurt, they saw the entire Pym Technologies staff charge out the doors, screaming in terror.

Wood Harris Creed

Harris is perhaps best known for portraying Tony “Little Duke” Evers, the son of Apollo Creed, and Rocky Balboa’s trainer Tony “Duke” Evers in Creed and Creed II. In 1976 (Rocky), Duke prepares Apollo Creed for a fight against Rocky Balboa, an unknown opponent at the time. Duke implies that taking the fight may not be the best decision for Creed, but despite Duke’s words, Creed takes the fight and loses by KO in the 12th round.

Over the next few years, Duke opened the Delphi Boxing Academy, a boxing gym where boxers could train. While he was the Heavyweight Champion, Apollo Creed trained at this gym for many years. In 1985 (Rocky IV), Duke once again trained Apollo Creed for a fight that was supposed to be an exhibition, but Apollo Creed was tragically killed at the hands of the Russian, Ivan Drago. Duke was devastated by the loss, describing Creed as “like a son” to him. After the fight, Duke told Balboa that Creed would be very proud of him.

Wood Harris TV Shows

  • 1996 – NYPD Blue
  • 1997 – Oz
  • 1997 – Cosby
  • 1998 – New York Undercover
  • 1999 – Spenser: Small Vices
  • 2000 – Hendrix
  • 2003 – The Twilight Zone
  • 2007 – Numb3rs
  • 2002–08 – The Wire
  • 2008 – House
  • 2009 – Played by Fame
  • 2010 – Southland
  • 2010 – Hawaii Five-0
  • 2013 – The Watsons Go to Birmingham
  • 2014 – Justified
  • 2017 – The Breaks
  • 2017 – The New Edition Story
  • 2018–20 – Empire
  • 2019 – Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television
  • 2021 – Black Mafia Family

Wood Harris Movies

  • 2000 – Remember the Titans
  • 2000 – The Gold Cup
  • 2002 – Paid in Full
  • 2004 – Joy Road
  • 2005 – Dirty
  • 2006 – Southland Tales
  • 2006 – The Heart Specialist
  • 2007 – 4 Life
  • 2008 – Jazz in the Diamond District
  • 2009 – Not Easily Broken
  • 2009 – Dough Boys
  • 2009 – Next Day Air
  • 2009 – Just Another Day
  • 2012 – The Babymakers
  • 2012 – Dredd
  • 2012 – Benji
  • 2015 – Ant-Man
  • 2015 – Creed
  • 2017 – Once Upon a Time in Venice
  • 2017 – 9/11
  • 2017 – Blade Runner 2049
  • 2018 – Creed II
  • 2020 – Always and Forever
  • 2021 – Ransun Games
  • 2021 – Space Jam: A New Legacy
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