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Trai Byers is an American actor who is best known for playing Andre Lyon in the Fox television series Empire from the year 2015 to 2020.

Trai Byers Profile

Trai Byers is an American actor who is best known for playing Andre Lyon in the Fox television series Empire from the year 2015 to 2020. He also appeared on the ABC daytime soap opera, All My Children, in The CW teen soap, 90210, and in the 2014 historical epic film, Selma directed by Ava DuVernay.

Trai Byers Education

Byers finished high school in Georgia after a year of high school in Kansas City. Byers then earned an associate degree in theater from Andrew College and a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Kansas. He also studied at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles, as well as the Yale School of Drama.

Trai Byers Photo
Trai Byers Photo

Trai Byers Age

Byers is 38 years old as of 2021. He was born on 19 July 1983 in Kansas City, Kansas, United States.

Trai Byers Height

Byers stands at a height is 6 feet 2 inches (1.87 m).

Trai Byers Family

Information regarding Byers’s parents and siblings is currently under review. However, the information will be updated as soon as it’s available.

Trai Byers Wife

Byers is married to actress Grace Byers. The couple got engaged in 2015. They married in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands on April 14, 2016.

Quick Facts About Trai Byers

Age38 years old
SpouseGrace Byers
Net Worth$1.5 Million

Trai Byers Net Worth

Byers has an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million.

Trai Byers and Devon Franklin | Twin

Devon Franklin and Byers are more than just celebrity twins. Devon and Trai, as well as their wives Meagan Good and Grace Gealey, are best friends. The couples worked together over the weekend for a panel discussion on faith, love, and success at the Merge Summit.

These men, however, have more in common than meets the eye. Devon is known for producing Miracles from Heaven, and Trai is an actor best known for his role as Andre on Empire. Both are men of God, and Trai almost quit acting to become a preacher like Devon. Not to mention that they are both married to two stunning actresses.

Trai Byers Empire

Byers portrays Andre Lyon on Fox’s television series, Empire. Andre Martin Lyon is the main character in the Empire television series. He is the eldest son of Lucious and Cookie Lyon and the president of Empire Entertainment’s spin-off subsidiary label Gutter Life Records.

Andre, a Wharton Business School graduate, is in charge of Empire’s finances, working alongside his father to ensure the company’s financial stability. Trai Byers plays him, and he first appeared in the film “Pilot.” Andre, the eldest and most educated of the three Lyon sons, is the oldest and most educated. From a young age, he displayed advanced intelligence and cunning.

He was a child when the police raided their house, and he was playing with a pile of Lego while singing along with his father. When Andre noticed his father’s panicked placement of his gun in an obvious hiding place, he quickly took the gun and hid it under his Lego pile to avoid suspicion before the police arrived and were unaware of this act.

After the cops had gone, Andre told his father about the incident, and the latter embraced him as a thank you for his assistance and safety. He graduated from the Wharton Business School many years later. He met and eventually dated Rhonda Lyon, who would later become his wife, while a student.

In “The Outspoken King,” it is revealed that he suffers from bipolar disorder but is more concerned with gaining control of the Empire and thus disregards his mental health. He is envious of his younger brothers’ talent and attention, despite the fact that he gets Empire through a lot of things.

He believes that if it hadn’t been for him, there would have been no IPO and Empire would not have done so well. Andre has accomplished much for Empire, but his lack of musical talent, as well as Rhonda’s presence, have strained his relationship with his father.

Trai Byers 90210

Byers had a recurring character, Alec Martin, in Season 5 of 90210. Alec is Max’s business partner and an Ivy League-educated “tech” guy. Alec, despite his charm and attractiveness, has no time for Naomi. Alec is envious of Max Miller’s marriage to Naomi Clark after spending the first few years of his college career with him as his best friend/roommate/business partner.

He promises Naomi that he intends to ruin Naomi and Max’s relationship, but when Naomi tells Max that his friend is out to get her, Max is skeptical. Alec surprises Naomi with a kiss when Naomi takes him out for a fun day so they can try to be friends.

Naomi has no idea that Alec photographed their kiss in order to show Max and persuade him to want a divorce from Naomi. When Naomi discovers that Alec has sent e-mails to Max’s ex-fiancee, Madison Stewart, suggesting that she hire Naomi as the wedding planner, it becomes clear that Alec was also attempting to ruin Max and Madison’s relationship.

Naomi, fed up with Alec’s meddling in their marriage, asks Max to choose between the two of them. Max decides to stay with Naomi, and Alec decides to leave the company. Alec then secretly prepares his ex-girlfriend, Bryce Woodbridge, for a job interview with Max.

Bryce is successful, and Max hires her only to discover that she is only there to get him fired as CEO of his and (formerly) Alec’s company. Later, Naomi and Alec have a huge argument about Max, which leads her to realize that Alec is in love with Max. Alec asks Naomi if she will promise not to tell Max about his secret feelings, and she agrees.

Trai Byers TV Shows

  • 2015–2020 – Empire
  • 2012 – 90210
  • 2011 – All My Children

Trai Byers Movies

  • 2020 – The 24th
  • 2018 – Bent
  • 2017 – Americons
  • 2014 – Jayhawkers
  • 2014 – Selma
  • 2013 – Destination Planet Negro
  • 2009 – Caesar and Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre
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