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Robert Sheehan is an Irish actor best known for his roles in television shows such as Misfits, Love/Hate, and The Umbrella Academy, as well as film roles such as Tom Natsworthy in Mortal Engines and Simon Lewis in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

Robert Sheehan Profile

Robert Sheehan is an Irish actor best known for his roles in television shows such as Misfits, Love/Hate, and The Umbrella Academy, as well as film roles such as Tom Natsworthy in Mortal Engines and Simon Lewis in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

Robert Sheehan Education

Sheehan participated in Fleadh Cheoil and played the banjo, bodhrán, and spoons at school, joking that he was “Footloose with spoons.” Sheehan went to St Paul’s Primary School in Portlaoise. He studied film and television at the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, unsure if acting was a viable career path. He missed several months of class to film Summer of the Flying Saucer, failed his first-year exams, and decided not to retake them.

Robert Sheehan Photo
Robert Sheehan Photo

Robert Sheehan Age

Sheehan is 33 years old as of 2021. He was born on 7 January 1988 in Portlaoise, Ireland. He celebrates his birthday on 7 January.

Robert Sheehan Height

Sheehan stands at a height of 6 feet 0 inches(1.83 m).

Robert Sheehan Family

Sheehan was born in the Irish town of Portlaoise in the county of Laois. He is the youngest of three children born to Maria and Joe Sheehan, both of whom worked as garda.

Robert Sheehan Gay | Partner

Sheehan openly admitted to experimenting with his sexuality when he was younger, but he now identifies as heterosexual. In March 2014, he began dating actress Sofia Boutella. He announced their breakup in October 2018. He currently resides in London.

Quick Facts About Robert Sheehan

Age33 years old
SpouseSofia Boutella
Net Worth$2 million

Robert Sheehan Net Worth

Sheehan has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Robert Sheehan Tattoos

Robert has several tattoos, including a simple black star outline on his wrist, several stars on his hip, and some sort of crest pattern under his arm. Robert is a tattoo-free man.

Robert Sheehan Misfits

From 2009 to 2010, he portrayed Nathan Young, a young offender, in the first two seasons of the British television series Misfits. Sheehan’s departure from the show for the third season was announced in April 2011. Sheehan, a “cult favorite,” felt “intensely” connected to the role, which he later described as “defining” and “a lovely, gorgeous memory for me,” and admitted it was “challenging” to leave it behind. For his role in Misfits, he was nominated for a BAFTA Award in the category of “Male Supporting Actor” in May 2011.

Nathan Young was a founding member of the Misfits gang. Nathan, a born clown with an annoying, flippant attitude toward life and others, gained the power of Immortality after the Storm, which he discovered months later when he temporarily died fighting the brainwashed Virtue organization.

 After falling in love with a single mother, Marnie, he sold his immortality to Seth in order to purchase the power of Magic, which he used to try to win millions at a casino in Las Vegas, only to be imprisoned in an American prison.

Robert Sheehan The Umbrella Academy

In 2019, he played Klaus Hargreeves in the Netflix Original series The Umbrella Academy. Klaus Hargreeves, formerly known as Number Four, is one of forty-three children born on the 12th hour of the first day of October 1989 to mothers who had no prior signs of pregnancy. Sir Reginald Hargreeves adopted the baby as one of seven with the intention of training them to save the world.

Klaus was Hargreeves’ Number Four in terms of individual usefulness, with the ability to communicate with the dead. His proclivity for speaking German, as well as his surname, imply that he was born in Germany to a German mother.

When Five fails to avert the apocalypse, Klaus is transported to Dallas on February 11, 1960. Klaus becomes the leader of a spiritual cult, and despite his celebrity, he struggles with his inner demons more and more. He and Ben struggle with their relationship, but they begin to experiment with their combined abilities more.

Robert Sheehan 2020

Sheehan has been nominated for multiple Irish Film and Television Awards, as well as a British Academy Television Award. He was ranked 41st on The Irish Times’ list of Ireland’s greatest film actors in 2020.

Robert Sheehan Cherrybomb

Sheehan starred as Luke, one of the lead characters in the 2009 film Cherrybomb after graduating from the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology. Cherrybomb premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2009, but it was unable to find a distributor at the time.

An online campaign by Grint’s fans was credited with securing a distribution deal in the United Kingdom. Luke, a drug dealer living with his drug-addicted father, and Malachy McKinny, a straight-A teen working at the Titanic Leisureplex, star in the film. When the three teenagers throw a party, they realize they are in over their heads. When Dave walks in to find his place trashed, he nearly kills Malachy.

Robert Sheehan TV Shows

  • 2019–present – The Umbrella Academy
  • 2018 – Genius: Picasso
  • 2018 – The Young Offenders
  • 2017 – Fortitude – Vladek Klimov
  • 2012 – Accused – Stephen Cartwright
  • 2012 – Me and Mrs Jones
  • 2011 – The Borrowers
  • 2010 – Coming Up
  • 2010–2013 – Love/Hate
  • 2009 – Red Riding
  • 2009–2010 – Misfits
  • 2008 – The Tudors
  • 2008 – Rock Rivals
  • 2008 – Bitter Sweet
  • 2006 – The Clinic
  • 2006 – Bel’s Boys
  • 2005 – Young Blades
  • 2004 – Foreign Exchange

Robert Sheehan Movies

  • 2018 – Mute
  • 2018 – Bad Samaritan
  • 2018 – Mortal Engines
  • 2017 – Three Summers
  • 2017 – Geostorm – Duncan
  • 2017 – The Song of Sway Lake
  • 2016 – Jet Trash
  • 2015 – Moonwalkers
  • 2015 – The Messenger
  • 2014 – Anita B
  • 2014 – The Road Within
  • 2013 – The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
  • 2011 – A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Adventures
  • 2011 – Season of the Witch
  • 2011 – Demons Never Die
  • 2011 – Killing Bono
  • 2009 – Cherrybomb
  • 2009 – An Créatúr
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