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Ritu Arya is an English actress best known for her role as Dr. Megan Sharma in the British soap opera Doctors, for which she received a British Soap Award nomination.

Ritu Arya Profile

Ritu Arya is an English actress best known for her role as Dr. Megan Sharma in the British soap opera Doctors, for which she received a British Soap Award nomination. She rose to prominence for her role as Flash in the television series Humans. She rose to prominence as Lila Pitts in the Netflix original series The Umbrella Academy, for which she received widespread acclaim.

Ritu Arya Age

Arya is 34 years old as of 2021. She was born on 17 September 1987 in Guildford, United Kingdom.

Ritu Arya Photo
Ritu Arya

Ritu Arya Height

Arya stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches(1.6m).

Ritu Arya Family

Arya was born to Indian parents. Her mother and father are both real estate agents. She has two brothers, Romi and Rahul, and started acting when she was a teenager. Arya earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Southampton and her acting training at the Oxford School of Drama.

Ritu Arya Husband

Information about Arya’s dating life is not known for she has managed to keep her personal life away from the limelight. It is therefore not known if Mastrangelo is dating or engaged to someone.

Ritu Arya Net Worth

Arya has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Quick Facts About Ritu Arya

Age34 years old
SpouseNot Known
Net Worth$2 million

Ritu Arya Doctors Who

Arya played Gat, a Time Lord who worked alongside the Doctor in the Doctor Who television story Fugitive of the Judoon. Gat, like all Time Lords, was taken from her family at the age of eight for the Drylands selection process. Gat was inspired by what he saw in the Untempered Schism while staring into it as part of a Time Lord initiation rite.

Following their disappearance, Gat collaborated with the Judoon to apprehend the Fugitive Doctor, and upon discovering the Doctor’s location, she executed Lee Clayton, the Doctor’s “companion.” Gat was surprised to find herself confronted with another incarnation of the Doctor when she captured him.

When she later revealed to the other Doctor that she was a Gallifrey agent, Gat was shocked to discover that Gallifrey had vanished in her time, destroyed by the Spy Master. Gat was killed when she attempted to shoot the Fugitive Doctor with a laser rifle, which had been re-calibrated to shoot the person holding it.

Ritu Arya Humans

Arya plays Flash, a house synth who, like Hester, gains self-awareness as a result of the consciousness program. Max saves Flash and they find a new safe haven in an abandoned train. Flash was a synthesizer who was initially assigned to work as a nanny.

She became conscious following Niska’s initial release of the consciousness code and was soon rescued by Max. After she revealed that her previous owner was struggling to develop the land, Flash and Max established a refuge on an abandoned train track. She was killed by radical humans on a supply run at the start of season three.

Ritu Arya The Umbrella Academy

Arya portrays the role of Lila Pitts in the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy. Lila Pitts is a fellow patient at the psychiatric facility where Diego Hargreeves finds himself after being transported back in time. The two quickly become fast friends and plan a successful escape together.

Unbeknownst to Diego, Lila is working undercover for her adoptive mother, the Handler, and was planted in the institution to gain an insider’s perspective on the Umbrella Academy. She is also one of forty-three children born on the 12th hour of October 1, 1989, to mothers who had no previous signs of pregnancy. She has the ability to mimic the powers of others, though she can only do so one at a time.

Ritu Arya Film

  • 2015 – My Beautiful White Skin
  • 2017 – Daphne
  • 2017 – Jessamine
  • 2017 – The Super Recogniser
  • 2018 – Lady Parts
  • 2019 – Last Christmas
  • 2021 – Red Notice

Ritu Arya TV Shows

  • 2013 – The Tunnel
  • 2013–2017 – Doctors
  • 2014 – Sherlock
  • 2016 – We The Jury
  • 2016–2018 – Humans
  • 2017 – Crackanory
  • 2018–2019 – The Good Karma Hospital
  • 2019 – Sticks and Stones
  • 2020 – Doctor Who
  • 2020 – The Stranger
  • 2020 – Feel Good
  • 2020 – The Umbrella Academy
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