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Raches Bilson is an American actress best known for her roles of Summer Roberts on the prime-time drama series The O.C, in The Last Kiss, in the science-fiction-action film Jumper

Rachel Bilson Profile

Raches Bilson is an American actress best known for her roles of Summer Roberts on the prime-time drama series The O.C, in The Last Kiss, in the science-fiction-action film Jumper, Dr. Zoe Hart on The CW’s Hart of Dixie from 2011 to 2015, and Sam Swift on the short-lived series Take-Two in 2018.

Rachel Bilson Age

Bilson is 40 years old as of 2021. She was born Rachel Sarah Bilson on 25 August 1981 in Los Angeles, California, United States. She celebrates her birthday on 25 August.

Rachel Bilson Height

Bilson stands at a height of 5 feet 2 inches (1.57 m).

Rachel Bilson Family

Bilson is the daughter of sex therapist Janice Stango and writer, director, and producer Danny Bilson. Rosemary and Hattie, her younger half-sisters, are her younger half-sisters. Her mother is an Italian-American who was raised Catholic, and her father is Jewish; she describes herself as growing up in a “Christmukkah household.” Bilson’s father is from a showbiz family; her paternal grandfather is producer-director Bruce Bilson (b. 1928).

Her great-grandfather, George Bilson (1902–1981), was born into an Ashkenazi Jewish immigrant family in Leeds, England in the then United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and worked for RKO Pictures after immigrating to the United States, heading the movie trailer department, and her great-grandmother, Hattie Bilson, was a screenwriter whose credits include Pal, Canine Detective (1950).

Rachel Bilson Husband

Adam Brody, Bilson’s co-star on The O.C., and dated from 2003 to 2006. After her relationship with Brody ended, Bilson began dating actor Hayden Christensen, with whom she co-starred in the film Jumper. By January 2008, the couple had been seen and photographed together for nearly a year in Los Angeles, without confirming a relationship.

Quick Facts About Bilson

Full Name Rachel Sarah Bilson
Age 40 years old
Nationality American
Spouse Hayden Christensen
Net Worth $12 Million

Bilson appeared in public with what appeared to be an engagement ring in February 2009, though no official announcement was made. In August 2010, Bilson’s representative confirmed an engagement that had since been canceled but provided no further details. In September 2017, Bilson and Christensen divorced.

Rachel Bilson Daughter

Bilson with his ex-wife Christensen has a daughter Briar Rose Christensen, who was born in October 2014. They are co-parenting after their divorce. The Hart of Dixie actress recently revealed how she and her ex-husband are raising their daughter Briar Rose during the pandemic. “Fortunately, dad is pretty hardcore with,” she said on the first episode of the podcast Betches Moms, which aired on Monday.

Rachel Bilson Photo
Rachel Bilson Photo

“But you have to trust each other and you’re bubbled up,” Bilson added, noting that Christensen spent part of the pandemic in his home country of Canada. “But it’s also nice because she’s had the opportunity to go to another house instead of being stuck in our house the entire time, which I’m grateful for, and we’ve just dealt with it. Survival mode is available.”

Despite the couple’s efforts to keep Briar out of the spotlight, Bilson claims her daughter has caught the acting bug. Meanwhile, Briar remains unaware of her mother’s second life as Summer Roberts on The O.C. and her father’s role as Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader in the Star Wars franchise.

Rachel Bilson Net Worth

Bilson has an estimated net worth of $12 Million.

Rachel Bilson The OC

She co-hosted the podcast “Welcome to the OC, Bitches” with former The O.C. co-star Melinda Clarke in 2021. Summer Roberts was portrayed by l Bilson. Summer Roberts, played by Bilson, was originally intended to appear in only a few episodes, but became a regular series after her character’s success grew, thanks to the romance between Bilson’s character and Adam Brody’s character, Seth Cohen, which became an important aspect of the TV series.

Rachel Bilson Hart of Dixie

Bilson was close to signing a deal to star in the series, according to TVLine on February 8, 2011. This is the second time executive producer Josh Schwartz and series star Rachel Bilson have collaborated on a television project. 

The first episode of Hart of Dixie aired on September 26, 2011. The show was set to return to Mondays in the fall for its third season, having previously been paired with Beauty and the Beast. The third season of the show premiered on October 7, 2013. The CW renewed the show for a fourth season on May 8, 2014. Hart of Dixie’s fourth season, which premiered on December 15, 2014, was announced by CW president Mark Pedowitz on July 18, 2014. On March 14, 2015, Leila Gerstein revealed that Hart of Dixie’s fourth season would be its final. On May 7, 2015, The CW officially canceled the show.

Rachel Bilson Fashion design

Bilson’s fashion sense and sense of style made her an unwitting target for The Bling Ring, which burglarized her home several times. ShoeMint, an “online customized shoe shopping experience,” was launched in 2011 by Bilson, her personal stylist Nicole Chavez, and shoe industry leader Steve Madden. Bilson designed a shirt for Invisible Children in 2013.

Several media outlets have described Bilson as a “fashion junkie.” She describes herself as having a “vintage” sense of style, citing Kate Moss and Diane Keaton as influences. Bilson approached DKNY Jeans in late 2007 with the intention of collaborating on a clothing line. They collaborated to create Edie Rose. The collection debuted in September of 2008. Her plan was to keep fashionable items affordable to young women by keeping each piece under $100. In July 2008, an advertisement featuring Bilson modeling her Edie Rose collection was released.

Bilson stated that she wished to continue her fashion line “as far away from Rachel Bilson, the actress, as possible I’m hoping that people will appreciate the clothes rather than the person behind them.” When her home was burglarized in May 2009, a large portion of her fashion collection was stolen.

Rachel Bilson How I Met Your Mother

She appeared in the 100th episode of How I Met Your Mother as Ted Mosby’s latest love interest and the Mother’s roommate. Cindy is a PhD student who attended college on a scholarship and lives with Ted’s future wife Tracy, whom she accuses of stealing all of her boyfriends. She first appears in the season five episode Girls Versus Suits, where she and Ted date, but Cindy eventually breaks up with him due to the fact that Cindy is a student and Ted is a lecturer. In the same episode, Ted tries to reconcile with her. She later marries the girl she kisses in the bar (Casey), with whom she has a daughter.

Cindy reappears in Big Days, this time at MacLaren’s bar, and Ted fears she is still angry with him. He notices a girl sitting at the bar and assumes she is Cindy’s roommate (the mother), and he wishes to approach her but is afraid.Cindy met The Mother in an economics class that Ted was teaching by mistake, according to How Your Mother Met Me. Later, when Mother enters Cindy’s room to inquire about the yellow umbrella, she notices Cindy crying over her breakup with Ted. They agree not to do it again and agree to continue living together until Cindy moves out and marries Casey. Ted is about to make a move on Cindy’s friend when Cindy kisses her. Future Ted claims that the girl was not their mother after all, but that she became someone else’s mother, with Cindy.

Rachel Bilson TV Shows

  • 2019 – Drunk History
  • 2019 – Lovestruck
  • 2018 – Take Two
  • 2017 – Nashville
  • 2016 – Drunk History
  • 2012 – Gossip Girl
  • 2011–2015 – Hart of Dixie
  • 2010–2014 – How I Met Your Mother
  • 2007 – Chuck
  • 2004 – That ’70s Show
  • 2003–2007 – The O.C.
  • 2003 – 8 Simple Rules
  • 2003 – Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • 1998 – It’s True!

Rachel Bilson Movies

  • 2014 – American Heist
  • 2013 – The To Do List
  • 2011 – Life Happens
  • 2010 – Waiting for Forever
  • 2009 – New York, I Love You
  • 2008 – Jumper
  • 2006 – The Last Kiss
  • 2003 – Unbroken
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