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Kevin Rankin is an American actor best known for his roles as Herc in the NBC television series Friday Night Lights, Tyler Briggs in the NBC television series Trauma

Kevin Rankin Profile

Kevin Rankin is an American actor best known for his roles as Herc in the NBC television series Friday Night Lights, Tyler Briggs in the NBC television series Trauma, Roe Sanders in the CBS television series Unforgettable, Kenny in the AMC television series Breaking Bad, and Derek “Devil” Lennox in the FX television series Justified.

Kevin Rankin Age

Rankin is 45 years old as of 2021. He was born on 18 April 1976 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States. He celebrates his birthday on 18 April.

Kevin Rankin Photo
Kevin Rankin

Kevin Rankin Height

Rankin stands at a height of 6 feet 0 inches (1.82m).

Kevin Rankin Family

Rankin was born in the Louisiana city of Baton Rouge. He grew up there with his parents and three older sisters until he was eleven years old. The family then relocated to Houston, Texas, where Rankin completed his high school education.

Kevin Rankin Wife

Rankin relocated to Los Angeles in 2000, where he met Jill Farley. He proposed to her while filming the pilot episode of Trauma. They married on October 23, 2010, and they have a son and a daughter.

Kevin Rankin Net Worth

Rankin has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Quick Facts About Kevin Rankin

Age45 years old
SpouseJill Farley
Net Worth$5 million

Kevin Rankin Friday Night Lights

Rankin guest stars at Herc in the first three seasons of the Friday Night Lights television series. Herc is an athlete who suffered the same injury as Jason Street and is Jason’s roommate in the rehabilitation center following his accident. He takes Jason under his wing and introduces him to quad rugby. They later become roommates and collaborate on a real estate venture before Jason departs for the northeast.

Kevin Rankin Breaking Bad

Rankin appeared as Kenny in Breaking Bad and El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. Kenny was a member of Jack Welker’s Gang. He assisted Jack in arranging the murder of ten prison inmates under a contract from drug dealer Walter White. Todd Alquist introduces Kenny, Jack, and Frankie to Walter White. White wants them to murder inmates who he believes will testify against him.

The executions go off without a hitch, with nine inmates being shanked and one, Dennis Markowski, being burned alive in his cell. Kenny later assisted Todd and Jack in the assassination of Declan and his crew in order to take over Declan’s territory. After Walt’s arrest by Hank Schrader, Jack, Kenny, Todd, and the rest of the gang arrive at his house and engage in a standoff with him and Steven Gomez.

The gang murders Todd, Jesse, Brock, and Andrea after learning that Todd is still cooking meth to impress Lydia. Jack instructs Kenny to place a barrel of money in Walt’s car while the rest of the gang drives away. “Of course, Toddy, get them both off!”. Kenny cracks, unaware that these are his final words. While he is dead on the chair, the chair continues to massage his body, giving the impression that he is still breathing.

Kevin Rankin Lucifer

Rankin portrays Malcolm Graham, a corrupt homicide detective in Los Angeles, working as a member of the LAPD in the TV series Lucifer. He attempted to flee the city after his true nature was revealed to the department, but was eventually shot and killed by fellow detective Chloe Decker. Little is known about Malcolm’s life aside from the fact that he married Mel and the two had a son.

He eventually joined the Los Angeles Police Department and rose through the ranks to become a decorated homicide detective alongside fellow officers Dan Espinoza and Chloe Decker, who were both homicide detectives at the time.

However, Malcolm was corrupt in secret and dealt with other criminals by acting as their informant in exchange for money, making his family slightly wealthy. He has assisted in the smuggling of illegal materials such as drugs and evidence in police lockups without the department’s knowledge.

He was also partnered with Dan, who was aware of his corruption but repeatedly looked away as if nothing had happened. During a meeting with gang members on Palmetto Street during a police sting operation, Malcolm exchanged information with the gangsters under the guise that he was doing it for information.

As he was about to finish, he noticed Chloe, now Dan’s wife, standing nearby. Dan, who couldn’t let him kill Chloe, shot him along with the gangsters just as he was about to draw his gun on her.

Malcolm then went into a coma, but his condition was so severe that he had to be put on life support. Chloe was correct in her suspicions that he was corrupt and on the take, but because she was the only known witness and there was no evidence to back up her claim.

The other cops at the precinct didn’t believe her and have since insulted her at every opportunity for her investigation, particularly Malcolm’s partner Anthony Paolucci. Malcolm’s family, particularly his wife Mel, despised Chloe ever since she began investigating him for corruption and demanded that she stay away from him or them.

Kevin Rankin Justified

Rankin had a recurring role as Devil in the first, second, and third seasons of the FX series Justified. Derek “Devil” Lennox appeared on the FX show Justified as a recurring character. During the first season, Devil was one of Boyd Crowder’s closest associates as a white supremacist. After busting their poker game at the bar in the second season, Johnny Crowder recruits him as a member of their criminal group. In the episode “The Devil You Know,” Boyd murders Devil after he confides in Johnny about the deal offered to him by Robert Quarles, because Johnny does not want to turn on Boyd.

Kevin Rankin Movies

  • 2019 – El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie
  • 2018 – Skyscraper
  • 2016 – Hell or High Water
  • 2014 – Wild
  • 2014 – Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
  • 2013 – Pawn Shop Chronicles
  • 2013 – Dallas Buyers Club
  • 2013 – White House Down
  • 2012 – Santeria: The Soul Possessed
  • 2012 – Congratulations
  • 2011 – The Chaperone
  • 2010 – Friendship!
  • 2007 – Box One Forty-Seven
  • 2005 – Heads N TailZ
  • 2003 – Riverside
  • 2003 – Hulk
  • 2001 – Carman: The Champion

Kevin Rankin TV Shows

  • 2020 – The Umbrella Academy
  • 2017–present – Claws
  • 2016 – Lucifer
  • 2015 – Halt and Catch Fire – Henry Clark
  • 2014 – Gracepoint
  • 2014 – The Newsroom
  • 2012–2013 – Breaking Bad
  • 2011–2012 – Unforgettable
  • 2011 – Lie to Me
  • 2011 – Big Love
  • 2010–2012 – Justified
  • 2010 – The Mentalist
  • 2010 – All Signs of Death
  • 2010 – The Odds
  • 2009–2010 – Trauma
  • 2009 – Last of the Ninth
  • 2009 – Lost
  • 2009 – In Plain Sight
  • 2008 – Law & Order
  • 2008 – NCIS
  • 2008 – My Name Is Earl
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