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Kellan Lutz is a model and actor from the United States best known for his portrayal of Emmett Cullen in the Twilight Saga film series and in Stick It.

Kellan Lutz Profile

Kellan Lutz is a model and actor from the United States best known for his portrayal of Emmett Cullen in the Twilight Saga film series and in Stick It. Since then, he has played Poseidon in the 2011 film Immortals, Tarzan in the 2013 animated film Tarzan, John Smilee in The Expendables 3, and Hercules in The Legend of Hercules. He appears as a co-star in the CBS series FBI: Most Wanted.

Kellan Lutz Age

Lutz is 36 years old as of 2021. He was born on Kellan Christopher Lutz on 15 March 1985 in Dickinson, North Dakota, United States.

Kellan Lutz Photo
Kellan Lutz Photo

Kellan Lutz Height

Lutz stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inch(1.85m).

Kellan Lutz Family

Lutz was the son of Dutch immigrants Karla (née Theesfeld; b. 1960) and Bradley Lutz (b. 1960). Brandon, Tanner, David, Daniel, Brad, and Chris are his six brothers. Lutz was born in the Midwest and raised in Arizona, where he graduated from Horizon High School in Scottsdale.

Kellan Lutz Wife

Lutz announced his engagement to TV host and model Brittany Gonzales in October 2017. Lutz and Gonzales announced their marriage on November 23, 2017. Lutz announced on his Instagram account on November 28, 2019, that he and Gonzales were expecting a baby girl in 2020. Gonzales announced the unexpected loss of their baby six months into their pregnancy on February 6, 2020. The couple welcomed a daughter, Ashtyn Lilly Lutz, on February 22, 2021, which they announced on Instagram on February 26 of that year.

Kellan Lutz Net Worth

Lutz has an estimated net worth of $5 Million.

Quick Facts About Kellan Lutz

Age36 years old
SpouseBrittany Gonzales
Net Worth$5 Million

Kellan Lutz Twilight 

Lutz’s big break came when he played Emmett Cullen in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga film adaptations. He returned for all four sequels, beginning with The Twilight Saga: New Moon. He also played George Evans in The CW’s 90210 spinoff. In April 2010, Lutz appeared in the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street as Dean, “a well-liked, well-off high school jock.” He returned to the Twilight Saga as Emmett Cullen in the third installment, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and then played the feisty Poseidon, God of the Sea in Immortals. In the film A Warrior’s Heart, Lutz reunited with his Twilight co-star and close friend Ashley Greene.

In 2011 and 2012, he reprised his role as Emmett Cullen in the fourth and fifth Twilight films, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Parts 1 and 2. Twilight was released in theaters on November 21, 2008, and grossed over $393 million worldwide. It was released on DVD on March 21, 2009, and quickly became the most popular DVD of the year. On November 4, 2008, the soundtrack was released. Following the success of the first film, the next two novels in the series, New Moon and Eclipse, were adapted into films the following year.

Kellan Lutz Hercules

Lutz starred in the epic The Legend of Hercules, but the film was a critical and commercial flop, earning Lutz two Golden Raspberry Award nominations. The Legend of Hercules is a 2014 American 3D action fantasy film directed by Christopher Nolan. Lionsgate released it on January 10, 2014, six months before another Hollywood studio’s Hercules film, Paramount Pictures, and MGM’s co-production Hercules. The Legend of Hercules was a box-office flop with universally negative reviews, in contrast to Hercules, which was a financial box-office success with far better reviews.

Amphitryon of Tiryns impregnates his queen Alcmene with the savior of her people, a demi-god son named Hercules, in 1200 BC ancient Greece. Prince Alcides (Hercules) is the lover of Princess Hebe of Crete twenty years later. Amphitryon discovers he is doomed to depose Alcides. Under Amphitrryon’s orders, Iphicles murders Chiron, Alcmene’s loyal adviser. Hercules finally exacts vengeance on his mother’s death.

Kellan Lutz FBI

Beginning in 2020, Lutz played several roles; David Lord, Death Dealer, and FBI Special Agent Kenny Crosby on CBS’s FBI: Most Wanted. David Lord, a fireman, and paramedic, gets into a terrible car accident with his pregnant girlfriend. The plot revolves around an illegal web show in which fighters compete in gladiatorial combat. The Deathgames is a popular, contentious, and illegal web series.

It includes a modern-day gladiator arena where combatants fight to the death for the enjoyment of online viewers. Officials from the government have tried and failed to shut down the operation. Samuel L. Jackson and his two assistants host the show. “David Lord” is the alias of a secret government agent (surname Searle) assigned to infiltrate The Death games. Milla secretly replaced Logan’s serum with a simple saline solution prior to the fight, as revealed in flashbacks.

Kellan Lutz Accepted

Lutz appeared as Dwayne in the 2006 American comedy film Accepted. The plot revolves around a group of high school graduates who decide to start their own college after being rejected by the colleges to which they applied. The story takes place in Wickliffe and Harmon, a fictitious college town in Ohio. Filming took place at Chapman University in Los Angeles and Orange, California. To gain approval from his demanding father, Bartleby Gaines creates a phony college. When the website automatically enrolls hundreds of rejected students, his plan backfires. Students design their own curricula and study topics such as psychokinesis.

Kellan Lutz Stick It

Lutz appeared as Frank in the 2006 American teen comedy-drama film Stick It. Haley Graham was once regarded as one of the most talented gymnasts in the United States. She walked out of the World Championships, costing the US team the gold medal and leaving many people hurt and broken. Because of the harsh judging system, Haley is hesitant to come out of retirement.

The other athletes have not forgotten Haley’s behavior at the World Championships, and they treat her with open hostility. Haley eventually collapses in the middle of her balance beam routine and, in a re-enactment of the World Championship a year earlier, exits the arena before finishing the competition. Haley Vickerman is a gymnast who shows the judges her bra strap and forfeits her vault. The other gymnasts do the same, earning a string of zeroes and forcing the judges to award Mina the vault gold medal regardless.

Kellan Lutz Tarzan 

Lutz plays John Greystoke Jr. / Tarzan, a man raised by apes since childhood after surviving a helicopter crash that killed his parents. Lutz was a spokesperson for PETA’s “Adopt, Don’t Buy” campaign in 2010. He also supports the West African primate conservation charity Ape Action Africa and used the Tarzan premiere in Dublin to raise funds for the organization’s work to save endangered gorillas and chimps. In the present day, wealthy industrialist John Greystoke is funding an expedition into the East African jungles.

Using his pickaxe, John sets off a chain reaction that causes the nearby volcano to erupt. Despite their best efforts to flee, the helicopter crashes, saving only John Jr. Tarzan is raised in the jungle by Dr. James Porter and his daughter Jane Porter. The Porters’ safaris are funded by acting as guides for wealthy tourists. Tarzan battles his long-time foe Tublat, who is furious at Tarzan’s return. Tublat’s life is spared, but he is exiled from the troop. Tarzan and Jane discover that mercenaries have turned Dr. James Porter’s base camp into a virtual armed base. Tarzan is attacked from behind and imprisoned, but his gorilla friends find him and free him.

Kellan Lutz Immortals

In Immortals, Lutz played the feisty Poseidon, God of the Sea. In the action film Java Heat, which was shot in Indonesia, he reunited with his Immortals co-star Mickey Rourke. Relativity Media released the film in 2D and 3D on November 11, 2011, and it became a commercial success at the box office, grossing over $226 million. The film received mixed to positive reviews upon its release in Los Angeles on November 8, 2011, with critics praising Tarsem’s direction and visuals, acting, ensemble cast, action sequences, production and costume design, and music score, but criticizing the film’s storytelling and lack of character development.

Kellan Lutz 30 Rock

Lutz appeared as a special guest on the TV show 30 Rock in 2012, playing a version of himself who is related to the character J.D. Lutz, played by actor John Lutz. The episodes of 30 Rock were filmed in New York with a single camera. On October 11, 2006, the pilot episode aired, and seven seasons followed. Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski, Jack McBrayer, Scott Adsit, Judah Friedlander, Katrina Bowden, Keith Powell, Lonny Ross, John Lutz, Kevin Brown, Grizz Chapman, and Maulik Pancholy co-star in the series.

30 Rock’s tone is surreal, parodying the complex corporate structure of NBC and its then-parent company, General Electric. A critic once said of The A.V. Club, “it usually adopts the manic pacing of a live-action cartoon.” The show was influential in its extensive use of cutaways, which are sudden, short cuts to unrelated scenes that show something the characters are briefly discussing. 30 Rock was also known for its dedication to creating elaborate sets, once displaying a set that took three days to build for only six seconds of video.

Kellan Lutz TV Shows

  • 2020–2021 – FBI: Most Wanted
  • 2019 – FBI
  • 2015 – Bullseye
  • 2012 – Punk’d
  • 2012 – 30 Rock
  • 2008–09 – 90210 – George Evans
  • 2008 – Generation Kill
  • 2007 – CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
  • 2007 – Heroes
  • 2005, 2014 – The Comeback
  • 2005 – CSI: NY
  • 2005 – Six Feet Under
  • 2005 – Summerland
  • 2004 – Model Citizens
  • 2004 – The Bold and the Beautiful

Kellan Lutz Movies

  • 2019 – What Men Want
  • 2018 – Guardians of the Tomb
  • 2016 – Money
  • 2016 – The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One
  • 2015 – Experimenter
  • 2015 – Extraction
  • 2014 – The Legend of Hercules
  • 2014 – The Expendables 3
  • 2013 – Java Heat
  • 2013 – Syrup
  • 2013 – Tarzan
  • 2012 – The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2
  • 2011 – A Warrior’s Heart
  • 2011 – Love, Wedding, Marriage
  • 2011 – Arena
  • 2011 – The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1
  • 2011 – Immortals
  • 2010 – Meskada
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