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Kate Walsh is an American actress best known for her roles as Dr. Addison Montgomery on Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice on ABC.

Kate Walsh Profile

Kate Walsh is an American actress best known for her roles as Dr. Addison Montgomery on Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice on ABC. She is also well-known for her roles as Rebecca Wright on the NBC sitcom Bad Judge, Olivia Baker on 13 Reasons Why, and The Handler on The Umbrella Academy.

Kate Walsh Age

Walsh is 54 years old as of 2021. She was born Kathleen Erin Walsh on 13 October 1967 in San Jose, California, United States. She celebrates her birthday on 13 October.

Kate Walsh Height

Walsh stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches(1.78 m).

Kate Walsh Family

Walsh was born to Angela and Joseph Patrick Walsh Sr. She grew up in Tucson, Arizona, in a Catholic family. Her mother is of Italian descent, and her father is of Irish descent, originally from Navan in County Meath.

Kate Walsh Husband

On September 1, 2007, Walsh married 20th Century Fox executive Alex Young. Young filed for divorce on December 11, 2008, citing irreconcilable differences; the divorce petition listed the official date of separation as November 22. Walsh counterfiled for divorce on December 24, 2008, disputing the date of separation listed in Young’s divorce papers. On February 5, 2010, the divorce was finalized.

Kate Walsh Net Worth

Walsh has an estimated net worth of $20 Million.

Quick Facts About Kate Walsh

Full Name Kathleen Erin Walsh
Age 54 years old
Nationality American
Spouse  Alex Young
Net Worth $20 Million

Kate Walsh Salary

Walsh earns $175 Thousand Per Episode.

Kate Walsh Surgery

Walsh revealed in September 2017 that she was diagnosed with a benign meningioma in 2015. She had surgery to remove the tumor and then took a nine-month break to recover. In November 2019, she underwent hip replacement surgery.

Kate Walsh Photo
Kate Walsh Photo

Kate Walsh Brain Tumor

Walsh was diagnosed with a brain tumor, a meningioma the size of a lemon, which was found to be benign after surgery. Walsh is fully recovered and working as hard as ever, just over two years after her tumor removal surgery — but, as you might expect, the experience has changed her outlook. She is now collaborating with Cigna as part of their TV Doctors campaign, alongside Patrick Dempsey, Neil Patrick Harris, and Donald Faison, to encourage more people to get annual check-ups and advocate for their own health.

Kate Walsh Grey’s Anatomy

In 2005, she was cast in her breakthrough role as Dr. Addison Montgomery, Derek Shepherd’s estranged wife, in the ABC series Grey’s Anatomy (“Dr. McDreamy”, played by Patrick Dempsey). Walsh’s Grey’s Anatomy character received a Grey’s Anatomy spin-off in February 2007, which premiered in September 2007. Private Practice, a spin-off, starred Taye Diggs, Tim Daly, Amy Brenneman, Chris Lowell, and Audra McDonald. Walsh would return for six episodes of Grey’s Anatomy from the fourth to the eighth seasons, including the musical episode “Song Beneath the Song.”

Walsh announced on June 12, 2012, that the sixth season of Private Practice would be her last. She did, however, say she’d be willing to return to Grey’s Anatomy for a few guest appearances. Walsh announced in September 2021 that she would be reprising her role as Dr. Addison Montgomery in the eighteenth season of Grey’s Anatomy as a guest star.

Kate Walsh Umbrella Academy

Walsh portrays The Handler in the Netflix adaption of The Umbrella Academy. The Handler is the main antagonist of Season 2. He was a high-ranking member of the Temps Commission. Despite not being the case leader, she was frequently seen dealing personally with Number Five and the apocalypse.

The Handler had a clear agenda in her belief that time should not be changed, and she went to great lengths to ensure that nothing changed. The Handler held a high-ranking position within the Temps Commission, reporting to the Board of Directors, which was led by Carmichael. She had rugae burns and had to go on a diet.

She had many dealings with Number Five, including his appointment to the Temps Commission. The Handler introduces herself as a member of the Commission, explaining that they do everything in their power to keep the timeline intact and ensure that nothing is altered. When Five inquires as to why they do not attempt to avert the apocalypse, she responds that time is fixed and, regardless of intervention, the apocalypse will always occur.

On one occasion, she forgave Carmichael’s permission to have Five murder Lila’s parents. She raised Lila as her own daughter and trained her as an operative, telling her that her parents were murdered in a robbery. Five later betrays the Temps Commission, using their resources to return to his time, eight days before the end of the world.

Kate Walsh 13 Reasons Why

Walsh portrays Olivia Baker in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. Olivia Baker is a main character in the first and second seasons of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why and a minor character in the third season. Kate Walsh is the actress who plays her. Olivia is the bereaved mother of Hannah Baker, Andrew Baker’s ex-wife and former co-owner of Baker’s Drug Store.

In the second season, she files a lawsuit against Liberty High School in order to obtain justice for her daughter’s death. Olivia appeared to be happier and more outgoing than her daughter before her death; however, she was concerned about her family’s store after she and her husband began losing customers to their rival store Walplex and were struggling financially.

She appeared to be unaware that Hannah was experiencing difficulties at Liberty. She withdraws and becomes frantic after her daughter commits suicide. Olivia becomes desperate to learn why her daughter committed suicide because she and her husband never received a suicide note. She is remorseful for not being present to support her daughter. As she explored Liberty after Hannah’s death, she became more aware of her daughter’s situation and the bullying culture. She feels relieved and confident that she will win the lawsuit against the school as soon as Tony gives her and Andy a flash drive containing the tapes.

Kate Walsh Fargo

Walsh plays Gina Hess, a former Las Vegas stripper in Fargo Season 1. She is the widow of Sam Hess and mother of Mickey and Moe Hess. Gina began her career as a stripper in a Las Vegas nightclub. When she was 19, she met Sam Hess, who offered her a large sum of money and promised to take her somewhere better. He returned her to his hometown of Bemidji, Minnesota, much to her dismay.

Gina is seen with her two sons discussing Sam’s murder with her lawyer. She admits she never liked him and says she’ll sing at his funeral before breaking down in tears. Lester arrives at Gina’s door to discuss the insurance policy on her now-deceased husband Sam. As Lester tries to walk her through the process, she appears to be more concerned with the money than the actual policy. Lester is recognized from the graveyard, and she offers him a whiskey. They both drink, and she begins flirting with Lester until Mickey inadvertently shoots Moe with a crossbow.

Kate Walsh TV Shows

  • 2020–present – Emily in Paris
  • 2019–present – The Umbrella Academy
  • 2019 – Fam
  • 2017–2019 – 13 Reasons Why
  • 2015 – Undateable
  • 2014–2015 – Bad Judge
  • 2014 – Fargo
  • 2013 – Full Circle
  • 2011 – Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen
  • 2009 – King of the Hill
  • 2008 – Upright Citizens Brigade: Asssscat
  • 2007–2013 – Private Practice
  • 2005–2012, 2021 – Grey’s Anatomy
  • 2005 – Bobby Cannon
  • 2005 – Eyes
  • 2004 – The Men’s Room
  • 2004 – CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
  • 2004 – Complete Savages
  • 2003–2004 – Karen Sisco
  • 2001 – The Fugitive
  • 2001 – The Mind of the Married Man
  • 2000–2001 – The Norm Show
  • 2000 – Cursed

Kate Walsh Movies

  • 2020 – Honest Thief
  • 2020 – Sometime Other Than Now
  • 2019 – Almost Love
  • 2019 – 3022 –
  • 2018 – Ideal Home
  • 2017 – Girls Trip –
  • 2017 – Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House
  • 2017 – Reality High
  • 2017 – If I Forget
  • 2015 – Just Before I Go
  • 2015 – Staten Island Summer
  • 2015 – Any Day
  • 2014 – Dermaphoria
  • 2013 – Scary Movie 5
  • 2012 – The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • 2011 – Angels Crest
  • 2010 – Legion
  • 2009 – One Way to Valhalla
  • 2007 – Veritas, Prince of Truth
  • 2005 – Kicking & Screaming
  • 2005 – Inside Out
  • 2005 – Bewitched
  • 2004 – After the Sunset
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