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Colm Feore is a Canadian actor of film, stage, and television best known for his role as Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau in the CBC miniseries Trudeau, Glenn Gould

Colm Feore Profile

Colm Joseph Feore is a Canadian actor in film, stage, and television best known for his role as Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau in the CBC miniseries Trudeau, Glenn Gould in Thirty-Two Short Films About Glenn Gould, and for playing Detective Martin Ward in Bon Cop, Bad Cop, and its 2017 sequel.

Colm Feore Age

Feore is 63 years old as of 2021. He was born Colm Joseph Feore OC on 22 August 1958 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. He celebrates his birthday on 22 August.

Colm Feore Photo
Colm Feore

Colm Feore Height

Feore stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.82m).

Colm Feore Family

Feore’s parents were Irish immigrants, and the family returned to Ireland shortly after Colm’s birth, where they stayed for several years before relocating to Windsor, Ontario.

Colm Feore Wife

Since 1994, Feore has been married to Donna Feore (nee Ballantyne), a choreographer and theatre director with ties to the National Arts Centre and the Stratford Festival. He was previously married to actress Sidonie Boll, whom he met at The National Theatre School, from 1983 to 1994. Feore has three children: Jack, his son with Boll, and Thomas and Anna, his daughter with Donna Feore.

Colm Feore Net Worth

Feore has an estimated net worth of $3 Million.

Quick Facts About Colm Feore

Age63 years old
SpouseDonna Feore
Net Worth$3 Million

Colm Feore Thor

Feore appeared as Laufey in Thor. Based on the mythological being of the same name, who was actually Loki’s mother, he is King of the Frost Giants and Loki’s biological father. Feore stated that applying his makeup took five hours.

Feore remarked on his character, “I am the Frost Giant King. And, if you’ve seen any of the Frost Giants, you’ll know that I’m the Napoleon of the Frost Giants. We’ve got some massive, fantastic guys who dwarf me and stand at around eight-and-a-half to nine feet tall. No, it does not.

Isn’t it obvious from his commanding presence? I am in charge “.. He claimed that the Shakespearean training he shared with Hopkins and director Kenneth Branagh helped keep the production moving quickly “

During the breaks, Tony, myself, and Ken would converse in Shakespearean shorthand about what the characters were doing, what we imagined they were like, and how we could focus our attention more intelligently.

These were brief discussions between takes, but they allowed Ken, Tony, and [me] to instantly understand each other without Ken taking an hour away to explain to the actors exactly what was going on. So that was extremely beneficial.”

Colm Feore The Umbrella Academy

Feore portrays the role of Sir Reginald Hargreeves in the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy. Sir Reginald Hargreeves is the head of the Umbrella Company, an explorer, eccentric billionaire, and interdimensional being. He adopted seven of the forty-three children born on the same day in 1989 to mothers who showed no signs of pregnancy. He planned to teach the children how to save the world.

On the night of 1989, when forty-three women gave birth to children with extraordinary feats and abilities, he adopts seven of the children and establishes the Umbrella Academy in the hopes of training a team of superheroes to prevent another apocalyptic scenario that would befall the world in that dimension, which he predicted would happen sometime after the Umbrella Academy disbanded.

He had planned his own suicide in order to reunite his adopted children and resurrect the Umbrella Academy in order to avert the end times. Sir Reginald arrived from another dimension devastated by the nuclear war a long time ago. He traveled to the twentieth century and bought a company that specialized in producing umbrellas (1896), which is how he became a billionaire for a hundred years.

During the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union in the 1950s and 1960s, he contributed to the advancement of space technology. He was also a member of the Majestic 12, but he severed ties with the group after its role in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Colm Feore The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Feore portrayed Donald Menken in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Donald Menken appears as a significant antagonist in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. He informed Harry that the serum would not work, but Harry refused to listen and insisted on injecting it into him.

Harry soon begins to transform into the Green Goblin. Donald alerts Oscorp and flees during his transformation. He was the personal assistant to Norman Osborn, the founder of Oscorp. Norman’s assistant, Donald Menken, is an Oscorp Industries employee and potential board member.

Menken appears to know something about Peter Parker, as he had a suspicious expression when he heard Parker had come to see Harry Osborn. After Electro/Max Dillion’s accident, he tried to keep everything hidden. Later, as the new CEO of Oscorp Industries, he framed Harry and fired him.

Later, Harry returned to Oscorp with Max Dillion, now known as Electro, and threatened Menken with sending him to Special Projects. Menken showed him the spider venom there.

Colm Feore 24

Feore played Henry Taylor during Season 7 and its prequel 24: Redemption. During Redemption and Day 7, Henry Taylor was the First Gentleman of the United States after his wife, Allison Taylor, was sworn in as the first female President.

He was able to establish that his son Roger Taylor’s death was not the result of suicide, but rather of murder. He was kidnapped and shot by Iké Dubaku in an attempt to force his wife to withdraw her troops from Sangala.

Jack Bauer rescued him and brought him to a hospital where he underwent surgery. Six hours later, he appeared to be stable and able to communicate with his wife and daughter. Henry was later transferred to the White House, where he learned of Olivia’s involvement in the murder of Jonas Hodges and fought valiantly to defend her against his wife’s quest for justice, but to no avail. He and Allison divorced sometime after Day 7.

Colm Feore For All Mankind

Feore played Wernher von Braun in For All Mankind. Dr. Wernher von Braun works for NASA as an aerospace engineer. He was a key figure in the Apollo 11 Moon landing. He was a former Waffen-SS engineer who designed the rocket that killed thousands of Londoners.

He was also aware of the treatment of slave laborers employed in the construction of the V-2. He was fired from NASA after this was revealed to the public. Von Braun also created the Saturn V, which exploded just as the Apollo 23 mission was about to launch.

Colm Feore Game of Thrones

Feore appeared as Ser Darron Tarly, a recurring character in the second, third, sixth, and seventh seasons of Game of Thrones. He is Lord Randyll Tarly’s younger brother and the master-at-arms of Horn Hill. Darron, like his brother, is a fiercely capable soldier. Darron has a rocky relationship with his brother Randyll, which stems primarily from his displeasure with Randyll’s treatment of his son Samwell, with whom he has a good relationship.

Renly Baratheon appointed him as his Hand of the King early in the War of the Five Kings in his bid for the Iron Throne. Darron was part of House Tyrell’s host that arrived at the conclusion of the Battle of the Blackwater and was named to the Small Council to act as a military advisor to King Joffrey for his heroics in the battle. When he learned about the Red Wedding, he resigned from the council and returned to Horn Hill to resume his duties as a master at arms.

Darron, unlike his brother and nephew, chose to bow to Daenerys Targaryen after her victory at the Battle of the Gold road. With the deaths of Randyll and Dickon, it is safe to assume that Darron is the new Warden of the South.

He is married to Clarysse Hightower and they have one daughter, Marna Tarly. Ser Alan Orben, Lord Randyll’s ward, married Marna after reaching the age of consent. Darron would become the grandfather of Marna’s two sons, Randyll and Lorent, as a result of this marriage.

Colm Feore House of Cards

Feore appeared as General Ted Brockhart on House of Cards. Brockhart is a United States military general who could be Will Conway’s running mate in 2016. Brockhart worked for several presidents, including President Garrett Walker and President Francis Underwood. Brockhart resigned in protest of President Underwood’s unwillingness to combat the Islamic Caliphate Organization (ICO), describing the inaction as self-serving politics. Such criticism linked him to Conway, who was equally outspoken.

The two formed a formidable presidential ticket centered on national defense, specifically toughness against terrorism. His closest allies include former Joint Chiefs Chairman Max Braegher and Mark Usher, chairman of the Conway presidential campaign. He and Braegher both received their Four Star commissions around the same time and have remained close ever since.

This link led to corruption when Braegher began to contradict President Underwood’s foreign policy and demanded a full-scale evacuation of Washington, D.C. during a terror threat, both of which were detrimental to Underwood’s re-election campaign and benefited the Conway-Brockhart ticket. Usher has long been a supporter of Brockhart. When the Electoral College became deadlocked, Usher prioritized Brockhart’s Senate election as Vice President over Conway’s House of Representatives vote for President.

Colm Feore TV Shows

  • 2019–present – The Umbrella Academy
  • 2019 – Murdoch Mysteries
  • 2019 – For All Mankind
  • 2018 – The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair
  • 2017 – Lore
  • 2016–17 – House of Cards
  • 2015 – Pirate’s Passage
  • 2015 – Gotham
  • 2014–16 – Sensitive Skin
  • 2014 – Beauty & the Beast
  • 2013 – The Good Wife
  • 2013 – House of Versace
  • 2012–13 – Revolution
  • 2012 – Saving Hope
  • 2011–13 – The Borgias
  • 2011 – Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
  • 2009 – Flashpoint
  • 2009 – 24
  • 2009 – The Listener
  • 2008 – 24: Redemption
  • 2008 – Guns
  • 2007 – Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
  • 2007 – American Experience
  • 2006 – Secret Files of the Inquisition
  • 2006 – Battlestar Galactica

Colm Feore Movies

  • 2021 – Trigger Point
  • 2020 – My Salinger Year
  • 2020 – Sugar Daddy
  • 2019 – The Prodigy
  • 2019 – Astronaut
  • 2018 – Greta
  • 2018 – Anon
  • 2018 – Higher Power
  • 2017 – Bon Cop, Bad Cop 2
  • 2017 – The Curse of Buckout Road
  • 2016 – Mean Dreams
  • 2015 – King Lear
  • 2015 – Reversion
  • 2015 – Painkillers
  • 2014 – Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
  • 2014 – The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  • 2014 – Elephant Song
  • 2011 – Thor
  • 2011 – French Immersion
  • 2010 – Voodoo
  • 2010 – Interregnum
  • 2009 – The Trotsky
  • 2008 – Waitresses Wanted
  • 2008 – The American Trap
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