Apart from being a journalist, he is also a general aviation pilot, flying general aviation single-engine airplanes around the Los Angeles area. He has flown coast to coast several times and thinks the Los Angeles lights at night to be the most beautiful in the country from above.
During her leisure time, she likes hitting the food trucks outside the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center as well as volunteering. He likes volunteering for the UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital.

At Spectrum News  Leary works alongside;

  1. Renee Eng
  2. Melvin Robert
  3. Lydia Pantazes
  4. Robert Santos
  5. Catalina Villegas
  6. Bree Steffen
  7. Amrit Singh
  8. Lisa McRee
  9. Tanya McRae
  10. Ferdinand Furer
  11. Giselle Fernandez
  12. Jacqueline Bennett
  13. Nathalie Basha