Furthermore, her bicultural and bilingual skills have helped her to understand deeply the growth of the Latino community in the U.S. It is providing her with the unique ability to share those untold stories with an English-speaking audience. Villegas is a certified scuba diver and a member of the Board of Directors for the LA Press Club. During her leisure, she likes dancing, reading, as well as traveling.

At Spectrum News sample works alongside;

  1. Renee Eng
  2. Chris Leary
  3. Melvin Robert
  4. Lydia Pantazes
  5. Robert Santos
  6. Bree Steffen
  7. Amrit Singh
  8. Lisa McRee
  9. Tanya McRae
  10. Ferdinand Furer
  11. Giselle Fernandez
  12. Jacqueline Bennett
  13. Nathalie Basha