Steffen is an American six-time Emmy Award-winning reporter and Multimedia Journalist at Spectrum News 1. She joined the station in September 2021. In 2015, she moved to California and loved the place, countless beaches, and national parks.
She is a six-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, thrilled to join the Spectrum News team. They are committed to character-driven storytelling which she believes is memorable, educational, as well as inspirational.
Steffen likes learning about the world around her and sharing the story. During her leisure time, she enjoys rock climbing as well as hiking. “Free Solo,” is her favorite movie, every New Year’s Eve. She has a tattoo on her hand with tributes to Yosemite national parks and Joshua Tree.

At Spectrum News Steffen works alongside;

  1. Renee Eng
  2. Chris Leary
  3. Melvin Robert
  4. Lydia Pantazes
  5. Robert Santos
  6. Catalina Villegas
  7. Amrit Singh
  8. Lisa McRee
  9. Tanya McRae
  10. Ferdinand Furer
  11. Giselle Fernandez
  12. Jacqueline Bennett
  13. Nathalie Basha