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Ali Macgraw is an American Actress/Activist/Model/Author known for playing a role in the film, Goodbye, Columbus in the year 1969.

Ali Macgraw Profile

Ali Macgraw is an American Actress/Activist/Model/Author known for playing a role in the film, Goodbye, Columbus in the year 1969 which helped her garner a Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer. She is also internationally known for her role in the film Love Story in the year 1970. 

Ali Macgraw Age

Macgraw was born on April 1, 1939, in Pound Ridge, New York, United States as Elizabeth Alice MacGraw. She is therefore 84 years old as of 2022.

Ali Macgraw Photo
Ali Macgraw Photo

Ali Macgraw Height

Macgraw stands at an approximate height of 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Ali Macgraw Family

Macgraw was born and raised in Pound Ridge, New York to her loving and caring parents, Frances (née Klein) and Richard MacGraw. Both her parents were commercial artists. Her mother was Jewish and was the daughter of emigrants from Budapest, Hungary. She chose not to disclose her ancestry to her father, professing ignorance about it.

Macgraw’s mother was considered a “pioneer” as an artist and had taught in pairs before she settled in Greenwich Village. Her parents married when her mother was nearing 40 years. She described her father as gorgeous with a combination of Tyrone Power and a mystery. Asides from this, she described him as a brilliant artist and a brain beyond brains.

Ali stated that her father was born in New Jersey and spent his childhood in an orphanage. She further stated that he ran away to sea when he was about 16 and studied art in Munich. Additionally, she added that her father was frightened and angry.

She stated that he never forgave his real parents for giving him up. Being an adult, he constantly suppressed the rage he built up against his parents. Later on, she described her father as “violent.” Macgraw was raised alongside her brother named Dick who also happens to be an artist.

Ali Macgraw Wife

Macgraw met her first husband, Robin Hoen when they were in college. Hoen was a Harvard-educated banker and the duo tied the knot on the 24th of April 1960. Unfortunately, after about a year and a half, they divorced. Robin, unfortunately, passed away on the 13th of September 2016.

After the divorce from her first husband, she had a string of relationships and one abortion in between. This procedure was still illegal at the time. Later on, in the year 1979, her mother was about 38 years old when she had her reveal that she had an abortion of her own in the early 1920s.

Later on, on the 24th of October 1969, she married film producer, Robert Evans. Together, they had a son named Jason Evans who happens to be an actor, director, producer, and screenwriter. The duo later separated in the year 1972 after she was involved in a public affair with Steve McQueen on the set of The Getaway. She went on to get married to McQueen on the 12th of July 1973 in Cheyenne, Wyoming but unfortunately divorced him in the month of August 1978.

After the divorce from McQueen, she dated Rick Danko, Warren Beatty, Rod Stryker, Mickey Raphael, Bill Hudson, Fran Tarkenton, Henry Wolf, Peter Weller, and Ronald Meyer. When his ex-husband, Evans received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the year 2002, she accompanied him. The duo are proud grandparents to their grandson named Jackson who was born in the month of December 2010 to their son Josh and his wife, Roxy Saint who happens to be a singer.

After the death of Evans’ in 2019, she told The Hollywood Reporter that their son, Joshua and her would miss Bob tremendously. She further stated that they were very proud of his enormous contribution to the film industry. MacGraw told Vanity Fair in the year 2010 that during the last four decades of his life, she had been a good friend to him.

Ali Macgraw’s Net Worth

Macgraw has an estimated net worth of about $6 Million which she has earned through her successful career as an Actress/Activist/Model/Author.

Ali Macgraw Career

Macgraw is known for her role in the film Love Story which helped her earn a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Actress and win the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama. Back in the year 1972, she has voted the top female box office star in the world. She was also honored with a hands and footprints ceremony at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre after having been in just three films. Asides from this, she went on to retain her leading woman status in only four films afterward.

Back in the year 1972, she went on to star in the popular action film The Getaway. She appeared as the female lead in Convoy in the year 1978 and headlined the romantic sports drama Players in 1979. This is in addition to making an appearance in the comedy Just Tell Me What You Want in 1980. Asides from this, she made an appearance in the historical novel-based television miniseries The Winds of War in 1983. The year 1991 saw her publish her autobiography titled, Moving Pictures.

From the year 1960, she spent about six years working at Harper’s Bazaar magazine. There, she was serving as a photographic assistant to fashion maven Diana Vreeland. Macgraw has also worked at Vogue magazine where she was serving as a fashion model and served as a photographer’s stylist. This is in addition to working as an interior decorator.

Ali Macgraw Film and Television

Macgraw kickstarted her acting career by serving in television commercials which include one for the Polaroid Swinger camera. During one commercial for International Paper, she was on a beach in a bikini made of Confil and went for a swim underwater to prove its strength and durability.

After her appearance in the Love Story film, she was celebrated on the cover of Time Magazine. The year 1972 saw him appearing in just three films. She also had her footprints and autograph engraved at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Later on, she starred opposite Steve McQueen in The Gateway in the year 1972. This was one of the year’s top ten films at the box office.

After taking a five-year break from acting, the year 1978 saw her re-emerge in another box office hit, Convoy asides Kris Kristofferson. Later on, she appeared in the films, Players in 1979 and Just Tell Me What You Want in the year 1980. This film was directed by Sidney Lumet.

The year 1983 saw her star in the highly successful television miniseries, The Winds of War. Back in the year 1985, she joined the hit ABC prime-time soap opera Dynasty as Lady Ashley Mitchell. She admitted this in a 2011 interview which she did for the money. Ali also made an appearance in about 14 episodes of the show before her character was killed off in the “Moldavian Massacre” cliffhanger episode in the year 1985.

Asides from this, she hosted her segments for the Encore Love Stories premium cable network in the late 1990s and 2000s. Back in the month of February 2021, she and O’Neal were honored with stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame nearly 50 years after the release of Love Story.

Ali Macgraw Stage and Magazine Recognition

Back in the year 2006, she made her Broadway theatre debut in New York City serving as a dysfunctional matriarch in the drama Festen (The Celebration). In the same year, she reunited with Ryan O’Neal in the staging of A.R. Gurney’s play Love Letters. The group toured the US and UK throughout 2017. Back in the year 1991, People Magazine selected her as one of its “50 Most Beautiful People” in the World. Later on, in the year 2008, CQ magazine listed her in their “Sexiest 25 Women in Film Ever” edition.

Ali Macgraw Yoga

Being a Hatha Yoga devotee in her early 50s, she produced a yoga video with the American Yoga Master Erich Schiffman, and Ali MacGraw’s Yoga Mind and Body. The impact of the bestselling video was such that in the month of June 2007, Vanity Fair magazine credited her with being one of the people responsible for the practice’s recent popularity in the United States.

Ali Macgraw Animal welfare

Asides from her acting career, she is also a renowned animal rights activist. Back in the month of July 2006, she filmed a public service announcement for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals(PETA). Then, she was urging residents to take their pets with them in the event of wildfires.

Back in the month of July 2008, she wrote the foreword to the book PawPrints of Katrina by author Cathy Scott and photography by Clay Myers about Best Friends Animal Society and the largest pet rescue in U.S. history. She is also an ambassador for the animal welfare charity Animals Asia. Being an activist for her entire life, she has been privileged to receive the Humane Education Award from Animal Protection of New Mexico for speaking about animal issues.

Ali Macgraw Books/Autobiography

Asides from her acting career, she is also the author of Ali MacGraw: Yoga, Mind & Body. This is in addition to being the author of her autobiography, Moving Pictures. In the book, she reveals her struggles with alcohol and sex addiction. She was later treated for alcohol addiction at the Betty Ford Center.

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